The Best List of Saints name for babies (for Boys and Girls)


The Best List of Saints name for babies: The saints, our teachers, patrons and Protectors.

YOUR HAVING A BABY, CONGRATULATIONS!!!    One of the first or the last things you will do before the birth of your child is pick a name. Why not pick a saint name? They will be their patron and protector! What an incredible gift we have in the communion of saints. The saints are like us! They are our ancestors, our teachers, our friends, our siblings. They are real, truly human. They are sinners, they are repentant children of God.

The saints lived on this earth and experienced suffering, joy, pain, broken promises, peace, frustration, war, injury, heart-break… they know our hearts. But mostly, they know what it takes to be united with God here on this messy earth. They know what it takes to live well for Him.


Saints who I’m pretty sure were actually superheroes

No, their “superpowers” weren’t designed by fancy machinery or alien power. They were simply receptive to the mighty power of God. These saints stories are incredibly heroic.

Modern day saints

Men and women who know what it means to live in the 20th century and still live a holy life. Whew, that’s not only impressive, but beautiful. We have a lot to learn from these men and women.

Saints who are Doctors of the Church

No, we’re not talking about Dr. House or Dr. Who, but rather physicians of the theology of the Church. Men and women who, through their own intense study and reflection, have given the Church great wisdom and insight.

Saints with a really cool conversion story

God works wonders in our lives in small and hidden ways, but sometimes His wonders are loud. These saints experienced a profound conversion that really shaped their life in tremendous ways.

Saints with names your bishop might have trouble pronouncing

… cause (don’t lie) that would be really funny. But also, their names aren’t the only rad thing about these saints; check out their stories!

Saints who reached sanctity before the age of 25

Most of these saints were younger than you when they reached sainthood. What’s your excuse?

Saints to invoke if you need prayers for a very specific intention

A saint is way more than their patronage, but sometimes we just need a saint in our lives who can pray for us in a particular way.

For the universal Church and fathers – St. Joseph