Should We Bring Our Children to Pray? Suggestions to Consider…..


Should We Bring Our Children to Pray? Suggestions to Consider.....

by Heather Collins

Bringing children to pray at an abortion facility is a decision for each individual family. Praying at an abortion facility is a beautiful work of mercy that can be taught to a child, with the participation of the whole family. However, safety measures also need to be examined.

Suggestions to Consider:

- Observe the safety of the area that the abortion facility is located in. If it is your first time at a particular facility, it is nice to go with a group; friends, a prayer group or a church group.

- Gently describe to your child WHY we pray for families, and mothers, and babies at an abortion facility.

- Together, you might want to make a simple (colorful) child-sized poster that is easy to hold.

- Encourage your child to join in the prayers at the facility, and let them know how important their prayers are.

- Keep them at a safe distance away from a busy street. Small folding chairs can be placed in a designated safety zone, and can relieve tired little feet.

- Explain that there may be people that are angry at us for praying, and that we need to forgive them because they may be hurting inside or they may not understand. Even so, always have a cell phone close at hand.

- Consider the length of time you will be praying at the abortion facility. An hour may be the goal, but it is just fine to work up to the hour with a little increase each time your family goes to pray.

- Water, small snacks, a toy or book for the hours' end, may also be helpful. It's a good idea to bring an extra jacket if it's chilly.

- On windy days, signs need to be held tight! Please tell your child that if a sign blows away, DO NOT CHASE IT. An adult will safely retrieve it, and perhaps tuck it away for another day.

- Finally, always pray for the protection of your family before you go to an abortion facility.

If you feel called to pray at an abortion facility with your family, it can be a profound blessing to so many people. Parents considering an abortion are often touched at just the sight of a family with children that are outside praying. People in the surrounding neighborhood and the drivers that pass by will also be affected by your pro life witness. And we must remember that the people working inside the abortion facility are most in need of our prayers.

The prayers of a child reach the heart of God.