Our Top 5 List of Best Catholic Movies for the Family!


It's Saturday night and you have just finished dinner. Your youngest goes for his electronic device and then it hits you! Let's watch a great Catholic Movie! Hmmmm which one you ask? Great question. Here is our Top 5 Catholic Movies for the Family!

  1. Song of Bernadette - 1943  Yes is was made in 1943 but if you have not watched this amazing True story of How Our Lady appeared to a poor girl named Bernadette in Lourdes, France. Yes, A True Story. The Immaculate Conception came down from Heaven in 1858 and the world was changed forever. It is our #1 pick!

  2. Jesus of Nazareth  - 1977  on our list is "Jesus of Nazareth" (circa 1977). This movie possess an all-star cast whose composite talent (in my opinion) has not been surpassed before or since in Hollywood history. Especially powerful was the performance of the British lead-actor Robert Powell playing the character of "Jesus." I have seen many "Jesus" movies, but none of those actors gave such a strong and touching performance as Powell has (although I am sure the real Jesus did not speak with a British accent - lol).

  3. The Passion of  the Christ - 2004  I remember seeing the movie opening night and watching the movie before use get out as we were standing in line. everyone was either crying or in shock! Yes this movie is amazing. The only reason it is not #1 is because on the violence and gore. We are not saying that this did not happen only, that small children might not be ready to see this.

  4. The Ten Commandments (1956) Yes, This is a Catholic Movie! Moses is the prefigurement of Christ in the old testament. just ask Dr. Scott Hahn.  This amazing movie goes through the whole exodus of the Jews from Egypt.

  5. Mary of Nazareth - 2016  The casting in this movie, we feel, is perfect! The movie follows the life of Mary as her son prepares to change the world! She how the sword really does pierce her soul during His Passion!